why rachel

Why Judge Rachel Bell?

  • She will continue to ensure everyone has their "day in court" without prejudice or bias
  • Judge Bell will continue to be tough on the law and aim for a just result in all cases
  • She believes everyone should have access to justice
  • Judge Bell is compassionate and caring
  • Judge Bell is Respectful to all people
  • Judge Bell is Committed and Dedicated to serve Davidson County ON and OFF the bench.

Since her election on August 2, 2012, Judge Bell is focused foremost upon serving on the bench. Off the bench, she has remained committed to Davidson County. Over the course of the last year, she has been honored and recognized by several organizations for her leadership and commitment to service. Judge Bell has always been an active supporter to many organizations and their efforts to give back to our city at large. Please click on the links below to learn more about how Judge Bell has participated and been recognized by the community within the last year.

Speaking Engagements
Memberships and Boards
Community Events
Awards and Honors

Each month we will update Judge Bell’s activities off the bench. Please visit our site often to keep up to date information.

Committed to Helping People from Every Walk of Life